Al-Galala International City

The new city of Galala, that distant dream that has finally become a tangible reality on the ground! How could this dream not come to light? Many supervising Egyptian cadres made an effort worthy of praise and appreciation.

The project is considered one of the most important national projects that combine the charm of picturesque nature with international elements. The project includes both a tourist resort and a full-service city, in addition to the Ain Sokhna-Zaafarana road, which crosses the Galala Mountain; In this way, it becomes a project of historical, cultural and strategic value.

What is the Galala Plateau project?
Jabal Al-Galala is one of the largest Egyptian projects supervised by the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces, and it is one of more than 253 national projects around the governorates of the Republic of Egypt. The project includes the city of Galala and the resort of Galala Ain Sokhna, which overlooks the Gulf of Suez, Galala University, and finally the Sokhna-Zafarana road, which cuts through the Galala Mountain, so that it is an integrated and development project carrying a rich value inspired by the Galala region, which is known for its geographical distinction and the picturesque nature.


Where is the Galala Plateau project located?
The Galala project is located in Ain Sokhna at the Galala plateau, starting from the Cairo / Ain Sokhna road and rising to the top of the plateau in the Wadi Hajoul region, at a height of 770 meters.
The main road of the project starts from the Hajoul region and connects to the new Bani Sweif / Zafarana road, with a length of 160 km, and connects Beni Suef and Zaafarana.
The fastest way to reach the project is the new Jabal Galala road

What is the goal behind establishing the new majesty project?
The importance of the project lies in being one of the contributions to achieving development in Egypt through the establishment of new integrated urban communities, and Egypt seeks to be a world-class city of Galala.


What are the most important features of the Galala Mountain project, Ain Sokhna?
The project has an excellent geographical location that allows construction on it and the construction of tourist resorts, roads and agriculture.
The project has a direct view of the Red Sea coast.
Galala Plateau contains several natural resources for which it is famous, the most important of which are marble and phosphates